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Friday, March 2, 2012

2014 FIFA World Cup seeding: AFC 4th round (2 March 2012)

5 March 2012

Updated to account for the removal of 22 January 2012 game between Lebanon and Iran (1 - 0) from The pots don't change.


AFC have confirmed the March FIFA ranking will be used to seed the teams for the final group round draw.

AFC haven't confirmed the draw procedure. 4 years ago, the 4 lowest seeded teams of the 10 qualified for the 4th round were placed in a single pot.

Australia      868
Korea Republic 751
Japan          740
Iran           574
Uzbekistan     502
Iraq           460
Jordan         420
Qatar          388
Oman           381
Lebanon        270

Pot 1: Australia, Korea Republic
Pot 2: Japan, Iran
Pot 3: Uzbekistan, Iraq
Pot 4: Jordan, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon

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  1. Looking forward to the draw and confirmation of the draw procedure, though I doubt it would make much of a difference as the last seeds are all of a similar quality for me. Bring it on :D