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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

FIFA Ranking: June 2009 differences solved

With the help of FIFA's Information Services department I managed to solve the June 2009 differences for England, Trinidad and Tobago, Greece and Armenia. Those differences involved two matches played on June 1st, 2008 (Armenia - Greece and Trinidad and Tobago - England). It had to do with the unofficial deadline used back then. I still have a one point difference for Japan, but will solve it in the near future.

With those problems fixed, England's ranking in the July 2009 preview drops from 6th to 7th, with Russia taking advantage of this. Armenia climb 5 places from 128th to 123rd.

The June 29th update will have the correct values.

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  1. waiting for rankhng on June 29 and I have made this site one of the favorites sites because the ranking of the fifa team is the preferred hobby

    good luck and Excellent work

  2. Edgar, how does FIFA determine the results from previous world cups for the seeding. I was able to figure out who finished 17th to 32nd based on points then GD then GA then I'm assuming alphabetical.

    But how do you rank 9th to 16th for the teams that lose in the round of 16?

  3. Hi CWY2190,

    Please read the comments for this World Cup seeding article.