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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm prestigious!

I stumbled upon this article in the Spanish newspaper AS.

Would you look at that! I'm prestigious :) Thanks J.A.E.!

This is actually the first time my blog is mentioned in the mainstream media. Outside of Romania, that is. Ionut Iordache mentioned my blog in Gazeta Sporturilor some time ago.

My blog is also mentioned in the Australian newspaper The Age. Thanks Dan Silkstone! He forgot to use the word prestigious though :) Jesse Fink also placed a link to my blog in one of his articles.

Also thanks to Aslak Bodahl from the Norwegian website Speaker.

Not so very impressed by Janex from The Roar, but hey!, it looks more impressive to your readers if they think you've computed the ranking by yourself. Keep up the good work Janex!

A special thank you for the users of More than 20% of the visits in the last month come from that forum.

P.S. Janex, I apologize if you've actually computed the ranking.

About me:

Christian, husband, father x 3, programmer, Romanian. Started the blog in March 2007. Quit in April 2018. You can find me on LinkedIn.

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