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Monday, November 2, 2009

FIFA Ranking: Spain needs a draw against Argentina

If Brazil wins against England and Oman, Spain will need 522 points from the two friendlies - Argentina and Austria, in order to reclaim top spot in the FIFA ranking.

For a match against Argentina, Spain can get between 0 (loss) and 576.18 points (win). A draw will get Spain 192.06 points.

Against Austria it's: 0 (loss), 142 (draw), 426 (win).

So Spain needs to

Win against Argentina


Draw against Argentina and win against Austria.

This would probably be a good thing for their centenary celebration.

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  1. If Brazil only draws England, how much would Spain need? Would two draws or just a win over Austria then be sufficient?

  2. Hi Pinyan!

    Yes, two draws or a win over Austria would be enough.