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Friday, January 29, 2010

African Cup of Nations: Seeding for Gabon/Equatorial Guinea 2012 qualifiers (29 January 2010)

Detailed explanation of the seeding method.

The third place match won't affect the final ranking, as both Nigeria and Algeria will remain with 6 bonus points - as semifinalists.

It's between Ghana and Egypt - whoever wins the final, will also be in Group 1, as both teams are tied on 31 points.

The rest of the groups (from 3 through 13) are already set in stone if CAF will use the same system as in 2006.

Group 1: Egypt/Ghana, Congo, Madagascar, Sao Tome e Principe
Group 2: Ghana/Egypt, Cape Verde Islands, Lesotho, Central African Republic
Group 3: Nigeria, Gambia, Burundi, Guinea-Bissau
Group 4: Algeria, Senegal, Chad, Djibouti
Group 5: Côte d'Ivoire, South Africa, Swaziland, Somalia
Group 6: Cameroon, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Mauritius
Group 7: Tunisia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Seychelles
Group 8: Mali, Rwanda, Botswana, Comoros
Group 9: Burkina Faso, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Eritrea
Group 10: Zambia, Guinea, Libya, Niger
Group 11: Benin, Morocco, Congo DR, Mauritania
Group 12: Angola, Malawi, Namibia, Liberia
Group 13: Mozambique, Togo, Tanzania

I apreciate the effort made by an unregistered Wikipedian on the 2012 Africa Nations Cup qualification article, but I don't think this info should be on Wikipedia as it's not yet official.

According to an e-mail I received from CAF no team has withdrawn from the qualifiers. Probably some teams will withdraw after the groups are announced.

CAF could also choose a system with 14 groups - only the winners advacing to the 2012 ACN. However, they had a similar option in 2006. 47 teams and 15 available places - 13 groups of 3 geams and 2 of 4 teams, with only the winner advancing. Instead they chose the system that would have the most groups with 4 teams.

Anyway, this is how the groups would look like in a 14-group setup:

Group 1: Egypt/Ghana, Namibia, Niger, Sao Tome e Principe
Group 2: Ghana/Egypt, Tanzania, Mauritania, Central African Republic
Group 3: Nigeria, Congo, Liberia, Guinea-Bissau
Group 4: Algeria, Cape Verde Islands, Madagascar, Djibouti
Group 5: Côte d'Ivoire, Gambia, Lesotho, Somalia
Group 6: Cameroon, Senegal, Burundi, Mauritius
Group 7: Tunisia, South Africa, Chad, Seychelles
Group 8: Mali, Uganda, Swaziland, Comoros
Group 9: Burkina Faso, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Eritrea
Group 10: Zambia, Rwanda, Ethiopia
Group 11: Benin, Kenya, Botswana
Group 12: Angola, Guinea, Zimbabwe
Group 13: Mozambique, Morocco, Libya
Group 14: Togo, Malawi, Congo DR

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  1. What will happen to Group 14?

    Togo banned from next two Africa Cups of Nations

  2. I thought that Togo will be out of the 2012 Africa cup (banned); perhaps I'm wrong.


  3. African Cup of Nations - The draw for the qualifying rounds for the 28th African Cup of Nations will take place on 20 February in Lubumbashi, DR Congo, the Confederation of African football (CAF) announced on Friday in Luanda.

    The draw, which will spell the composition of groups for the qualifiers, will ta ke place during the final of the Africa Super Cup match between TP Mazembe of DR Congo and Stade Malien of Bamako.

    Out of the 53 CAF member countries, eight have not yet confirmed their participation, but can still do so.

    They are Eritrea, Guinea-Bissau, Lesotho, Mauritania, Sao Tome e Principe, The Seychelles and Sudan.

  4. @football

    Thanks - I didn't know about Mauritania and Sudan.