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Friday, November 25, 2011

2014 World Cup seeding: AFC 4th round (25 November 2011)

Next update: sometime in January after the Pan Arab Games.

AFC have announced the draw for the 4th round will also be based on the FIFA rankings.

The last match day of round 3 takes place on February 29, while the first match day of round 4 is scheduled for June 3.

I think the draw will take place in March, using the March FIFA ranking that will be released on March 14.

4 years ago, the 4 lowest seeded teams of the 10 qualified for the 4th round were placed in a single pot.

Here's the March 2012 FIFA ranking, counting scheduled games as defeats (only teams still alive):

1 Australia 838
2 Japan 769
3 Korea Republic 721
4 Iran 601
5 Uzbekistan 504
6 Iraq 450
7 Jordan 402
8 Bahrain 364
9 Qatar 363
10 Saudi Arabia 359
11 Kuwait 350
12 Oman 343
13 Lebanon 291
14 Thailand 257

Pot 1: Australia, Japan
Pot 2: Korea Republic, Iran
Pot 3: Uzbekistan, Iraq
Pot 4: Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait

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  1. do you know where I can find an overview of FIFA-ranking-lists (Month+Year) used for different tournaments (of the last 1-2 years)... or in other words: a list of tournaments with the corresponding ranking list used for the seeding (rounds)...?

  2. I mean sth. like this:

    Competition -> Ranking used for Seeding

    2014 FIFA World Cup qualification CAF -> Jul 11
    2014 FIFA World Cup qualification CONCACAF -> Mar 11
    2011 SAFF Championship (AFC) -> Nov 11

  3. As far as I know, you have to go to Wikipedia and take it by tournament.