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Friday, March 11, 2011

2014 FIFA World Cup: AFC official seeding

AFC have released the official seeding for the March 30 preliminary draw.

Rankings for the FIFA World Cup 2014 Asian Qualifiers Round 1
1. Japan, 2. Korea Republic, 3. Australia, 4. DPR Korea, 5. Bahrain, 6. Saudi Arabia, 7. Iran, 8, Qatar, 9. Uzbekistan, 10. UAE, 11. Syria, 12. Oman, 13. Jordan, 14. Iraq, 15. Singapore, 16, China, 17, Kuwait, 18. Thailand, 19. Turkmenistan, 20. Lebanon, 21, Yemen, 22. Tajikistan, 23. Hong Kong, 24. Indonesia, 25. Kyrgyzstan, 26. Maldives, 27. India, 28. Malaysia, 29-30, Afghanistan, Cambodia, 31. Nepal, 32. Bangladesh, 33-34. Sri Lanka, Vietnam, 35. Mongolia, 36. Pakistan, 37. Palestine, 38. Timor Leste, 39. Macau, 40-41. Chinese Taipei, Myanmar, 42-43. Bhutan, Guam, 44-45. The Philippines, Laos
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  1. So instead of counting each 90-minute match as different (which would give this), they used goal difference over 180 minutes. This one won't matter much as they'll all be unseeded though.

    Also, group ranks were used as first tie-breaker, hence Singapore passes China. (This one is the only difference likely to matter, I think - if all seeds win and no teams withdraw Singapore will get a bye to the next round and China not) Shows the problem with this system really; if you get a tough draw one year it can give a lot of knock-on effects.

  2. It really depends on the system they use - as I explained here.

  3. Lets see how the draw on March 30th will end up.
    I can see some upsets in Round 1.

  4. is nr 25 to nr 45 opponents for indonesia

  5. If Indonesia vs Philippines in Round 1, Philippines will now beat Indonesia. :)

  6. AFC haven't announced the official procedure.

    Based on the 2010 World Cup it could work like this. have published a different format though.