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Friday, June 10, 2011

2014 FIFA World Cup seeding update (10 June 2011)

Next update: 1 July 2011

See more info in the original 2014 FIFA World Cup seeding post.

This is the top 20 of the intermediate October 2013 FIFA ranking:

1 Spain 1341
2 Netherlands 1204
3 Germany 998
4 Japan 943
5 Brazil 880
6 Australia 847
7 Portugal 838
8 England 805
9 Korea Republic 791
10 Argentina 778
11 Italy 770
12 Côte dIvoire 764
13 Croatia 740
14 Egypt 715
15 France 700
16 Uruguay 685
17 Israel 671
17 Russia 671
19 USA 669
20 Greece 665
20 Ghana 665

Mexico are 24th.

Right now, the seeds for the 2014 World Cup would be: Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Australia, Portugal and England

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  1. Any chance we could get a breakdown of the games and point totals that went into the US's total?

  2. is there one with just afc?

  3. Fantastic seeing Australia so high!

    Love your website Edgar, it's extremely informative and fascinating.

    In theory, if Australia were to have a similar AFC WC Qual campaign as last time, win almost every game, and continue to win all of our friendlies, is there a chance that we will be seeded in Brazil?

  4. @USA

    The assumed publish date is 18 Oct 2013. At the moment this article was posted USA's remaining matches were considered losses.


    Later today.


    A very slim chance. Depends on FFA's approach of friendlies. They can always drop me a line or two should they need advice :)

  5. @ Edgar

    Surely your advice to them would be "Don't play any friendlies"?

  6. That's not always possible. Teams do have to play friendlies to prepare for official matches or because of various TV contracts. It's not feasible to shun playing friendlies.

  7. @ Edgar

    I never considered TV contracts. But I wonder if it would be possible to play club teams or non-FIFA teams. Still, I suppose I'm glad that no one is manipulating the system in this way. The way friendlies are handled in the rankings is a joke, but at least the joke's on everyone.