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Friday, June 10, 2011 pots are wrong

I've been asked about the UEFA pots.

You can read the details regarding the draw in the PDF file from FIFA. It clearly states the July 2011 ranking will be used for seeding.'s Livio Caferoglu published the article on June 6th - that's before the June EURO qualifiers were over.

So the pots published by are simply based on the May 2011 ranking.

The correct pots are in my previous post. You are of course free to believe :)

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  1. *rolls eyes*

    Don't go there. It will put viruses on your computer. Seriously. I shun the site.

  2. Hi guys,

    I'm the person who wrote that article unfortunately, it was a royal cockup from our point of view! Basically, I'm just a news writer and was assigned this news story by the site manager at the time, and it was then passed off by a sub-editor. Obviously, it then came to light that it wasn't actually correct as there was no official confirmation, nor did it come from a legit source. I take your constructive criticism on board guys, I'm still learning in this industry as I'm only an intern!

    Again, sorry for the poor reporting on our behalf.



  3. @Livio

    Surprised by you commenting on my blog, to say the least :) Hats off for this. Good luck with your internship!

  4. Hey Edgar great job on setting up all the confederations seeding on the major tournaments. Looks like it will be interesting in UEFA for 2014 draw in Brazil. France and Russia in pot 2, Switzerland and Israel in pot 3, Bulgaria and Romania in pot 4. Whoever is in pot 1 might get a tough group if they get any teams above. Cannot wait for July 30 draw, I will be watching...
    Hopefully Poland will get a lucky draw
    Norway or Greece pot 1...
    Slovenia or Slovakia pot 2...
    Belarus or Hungary pot 3...
    Azerbaijan or Faroe Islands pot 5...
    Andorra or San Marino pot 6...
    We will see soon how it will turn up...
    Thanks for all the posts...

  5. Hey Edgar,

    Thanks for your positive reply! Not a problem my friend, I'm glad you've showed me the error of my ways and hopefully I can use this to my advantage in the future when writing stories.

    Thank you once again and good luck with your blog!


  6. @Anonymous/Poland

    Thanks! Good luck at the draw :)


    You're welcome.