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Friday, September 23, 2011

Couple of problems in the September ranking

30 September 2011: Problems solved.


I expected FIFA to include the awarded results of the Tajikistan - Syria qualifiers for the September edition. It didn't quite happen. Don't know why.

Lesotho seem to be missing the August 20 draw against Swaziland. Wrote to FIFA about it. Hopefully they will answer.

Also unexpected differences for Qatar, Dominican Republic, Sudan, Curacao and Iraq.

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  1. Double standards again. Didn't Italy get the points for the Serbia match? And that wasn't even Serbia's fault, unlike Syria.

  2. Edgar,

    as I see it, FIFA didn't include 4 matches in the september-ranking, all played around the deadline-date for the august-ranking and featuring in the FIFA-results list:
    19 aug: Eritrea-Sudan (0:3) and Qatar-Iraq (0:1)
    20 aug: Dominican Republic-Curacao (1:0) and Lesotho-Swaziland (0:0)

    Why ? Beats me !