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Friday, September 23, 2011

FIFA Ranking: What results do the Dutch need?

In order to return to the top that is...

The Dutch need at least 2 points from their qualifiers against Moldova and Sweden to stand any chance of reclaiming the first spot.

Spain play against the Czech Republic (away) and Scotland (at home).

If the Netherlands win against Moldova and lose against Sweden (WL) or draw both matches (DD), then they need Spain to lose both matches.
WD: Spain must get at most 1 point.
LW: Spain must get at most 2 points.
DW: Spain must get at most 3 points (but mustn't win against the Czech Republic)
WW: Spain must get at most 4 points (but mustn't win against the Czech Republic)

If the Netherlands win both matches and Spain win against Czech Republic and draw against Scotland, they will be tied for 1st place.

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  1. Edgar, they have a 34 point difference, but thats the second time that they could be paired for the 1st place, how that could be possible! Is that a pure accident?

  2. Unlike the first time around, the Spanish will still be on the top spot if both Holland and Spain tie for 1st place. They both will have 1557 points, but the unrounded total of Spain is better (1557,17523 for Spain agaianst 1556,5645 for Holland).

    So to be trully in 1st place, Holland must hope for a slip-up of Spain against the Czech and win their both matches at the same time.

  3. In FIFA's database and Latin alphabet Netherlands are listed earlier than Spain, so FIFA will list Netherlands at top, but what's the chance of Scotland playing their worst season ever to take points from one of the top3, i think you guessed.

  4. I agree. It's more likey for the Spanish to drop points in an away game against the Czech Republic than in a home game against Scotland.

    In the unprobable case it does happen, FIFA may want to look at the decimals to decide the top spot instead of the alphabet. Just my guess.

  5. The Wales - Faroe Islands case was the only one sorted by decimal points, because of it being used in seeding, probably 1st place in rating is as much or even more important for the FIFA than last pot UEFA seeding, but who knows?

  6. Well, so much for the theory. Until the European Championships I can't see Spain losing their number 1 spot. The Dutch will have to look over their shoulders, because Germany is storming towards them. The friendly game between those two on November 15 could well decide who will be 2nd behind La Furia Roja, although a win for Germany will not be enough to pass Holland...yet.