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Friday, October 7, 2011

FIFA launches interactive ranking

Yesterday FIFA changed the ranking section of their site. Readers now have access to more details than ever.

As well as explaining in detail how each team has won or lost points, the page also shows their points totals for the previous month, how many points will be discounted from their tallies and their points averages over the previous four years, the idea being to make the Ranking much more transparent.

Using the special prediction tool, you can also forecast the results of upcoming matches and see how they affect the points totals of the teams involved. These calculations take into account the result, the importance of the match, the strength of the opponents and regional strength, the criteria on which the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking is based and which are now clearly detailed as a result of the revamp.

Full article on

Check out the new ranking section on They did promise such a tool 5 years ago, but better late than never!

We'll no longer see "FIFA ranking is rigged" articles :)

Hats off to FIFA!

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  1. what is the reason of writing the score, as it reflects nothing, and also i've found a bug, if you write an impossibly big score like 9999999:0 the calculator would glitch and provide an incorrect ranking

  2. Scores are added automatically once the match is played. You can also add your own score before the match is played.

  3. the score means nothing, only wins, draws and losses matter

  4. it's really a nice new feature of FIFA... :))
    ...but why is no longer possible to see the points of countries between rank 151-200? :((

  5. Doesn't matter if the goals don't count. FIFA just probably has a crosslink between the results table and the ranking prediction hence why the actual scores are included.

  6. People are still gonna complain that the rankings don't make sense for the same reason they've been saying it in the past: they just can't be arsed to try to understand them.

    There are problems with the ranking, but predictability isn't it.

  7. Hi, Edgar and big respect for big efort here:)
    Can u tell me is it possible for Croatia to maintain their 2nd pot for euro 2012 draw after they lost in greece? Of course if Croatia qual for 2010 lol

  8. I like it. Well done to Fifa for adding the new interactive functions to their site.

    After the spanking we gave the Swiss last night Wales should be in the top 60. Stuff Bulgaria and we'll be a top 50 team once again for the first time since '03!

  9. it would have been better if they had given the opportunity to see in detail the points gained for every match of the last four years, and not only the average for every year.. but it is still an interesting news

  10. Edgar, I've been frozen out of here for some time by it not letting me comment. Not under Lorric or Anonymous. It would just delete my comment. Do you know why?

    As for this new development from FIFA, we'll still need you. It only provides basic functions. Don't you go anywhere :)

    I'd also like to call attention to a bug. I wanted to see what Bermuda's victory over Trinidad and Tobago would do for them, and it takes them from I think 38pts to 470pts according to that system. That can't be right, surely.

  11. @Lorric: had exactly the same problem!

    Nice new feature of FIFA. It would be nicer when they would show the points per game, instead of points per timeframe. I still have some unexplained flaws in my ranking-database, and with help of FIFA I could get rid of those flaws.

  12. Tobcoach,

    You wanna solve these flaws in your database ?
    I can deliver a breakdown per country of the points per match for all countries in the september 2011 ranking in an Excel-sheet.
    If you are interested, let me know and also how I can send that sheet to you.

  13. Ed,

    Normally, I would ask Edgar to take a look into my database. But I know he is very busy at the moment.

    So, yes I would appreciate if you could send me your Excel-sheet. If possible, you can send me a message by clicking on my member-avatar just beneath the tweets on the left-hand side of this blog. When I know it's you I will give my email-adress to you. I hope you don't mind, I'm a bit reluctant to give it right now, on plain site.

    And because I'm Dutch the message can be in Dutch.

  14. Ed, if I can take profit of your kindness, i'm interested to take a look at your file to verify my calculations. If you want, you can send it here:
    Thank you

  15. @Shocker

    See this post: EURO 2012: How the play-offs affect the pots


    Don't know why - I made no changes to the blog settings.

    @Lorric & @Tobcoach

    Congo is wrong too on FIFA. More bugs in this post.

  16. Hi Ed,

    Can you please send your file to: