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Friday, October 14, 2016

UEFA Nations League update (14 October 2016)

The coefficient used for the first edition draw will be made up of:

2014 World Cup (qualifiers and final tournament) - 20% of total weighting
EURO 2016 (qualifiers and final tournament) - 40% of total weighting
2018 World Cup (qualifiers) - 40% of total weighting.

See the previous update (9 September 2016).

Best movers:

4 - Sweden, Republic of Ireland, Israel, Montenegro, Faroe Islands

Worst movers:

-6 - Denmark
-5 - Czech Republic, Scotland
-4 - Russia

Most points gained:

2641 - Portugal
2601 - Belgium
2451 - Croatia
2520 - Montenegro
2500 - Germany

Poland and Iceland replace Austria and Wales in League A.
Albania replace Turkey in League B.
Azerbaijan and Estonia replace Belarus and Cyprus in League C.

 1  2 Germany                31726
 2  3 France                 30048
 3  4 Belgium                30042
 4  5 Portugal               29895
 5  1 Russia                 29258
 6  6 Spain                  28450
 7  7 England                28390
 8  8 Italy                  27826
 9  9 Switzerland            27546
10 12 Croatia                25859
11 13 Poland                 25542
12 14 Iceland                25035
13 10 Austria                24978
14 11 Wales                  24409
15 15 Netherlands            23725
16 16 Bosnia and Herzegovina 23640
17 17 Ukraine                23466
18 22 Sweden                 23426
19 23 Republic of Ireland    23389
20 20 Romania                22917
21 18 Hungary                22906
22 21 Slovakia               22374
23 25 Albania                21710
24 19 Czech Republic         21627
25 24 Turkey                 21277
26 29 Slovenia               21067
27 27 Northern Ireland       20947
28 31 Greece                 20851
29 33 Israel                 20492
30 34 Montenegro             20271
31 30 Norway                 20167
32 26 Denmark                19991
33 28 Scotland               19981
34 36 Serbia                 19126
35 32 Bulgaria               18091
36 37 Lithuania              18001
37 35 Finland                17341
38 40 Azerbaijan             16781
39 41 Estonia                16300
40 39 Belarus                15908
41 38 Cyprus                 15531
42 42 Georgia                15003
43 43 Latvia                 14381
44 48 Faroe Islands          13650
45 45 Kazakhstan             13331
46 44 Armenia                13225
47 46 FYR Macedonia          12611
48 49 Luxembourg             12551
49 47 Moldova                12530
50 50 Liechtenstein          11490
51 52 Malta                  10750
52 51 Kosovo                 10550
53 53 San Marino              9010
54 54 Andorra                 8900
55 55 Gibraltar               8325

League A

Pot 1: Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal
Pot 2: Russia, Spain, England, Italy
Pot 3: Switzerland, Croatia, Poland, Iceland

League B

Pot 1: Austria, Wales, Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Pot 2: Ukraine, Sweden, Republic of Ireland, Romania
Pot 3: Hungary, Slovakia, Albania, Czech Republic

League C

Pot 1: Turkey, Slovenia, Northern Ireland, Greece
Pot 2: Israel, Montenegro, Norway, Denmark
Pot 3: Scotland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Lithuania
Pot 4: Finland, Azerbaijan, Estonia

League D

Pot 1: Belarus, Cyprus, Georgia, Latvia
Pot 2: Faroe Islands, Kazakhstan, Armenia, FYR Macedonia
Pot 3: Luxembourg, Moldova, Liechtenstein, Malta
Pot 4: Kosovo, San Marino, Andorra, Gibraltar

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  1. Hi Ed, am I right in saying that a team from League B could qualify for Euro 2020 as the next best loser, if all the teams from League A were to qualify automatically?

    So a high placing for the Rep Ireland (who have a long history of finishing in 2nd or 3rd place in qualifying groups) in League B could get them an automatic spot if all the teams in League A, and all the teams ranked above them in League B qualify thru the normal qualifying games (top 2 in each group)???

    1. There will be no automatic spots. E.g. if Rep. Ireland is the only team from League A and League B not qualified via "normal" qualifying, then they will play-off against League C teams.

    2. There will be at least 4 teams from League A and League B not qualified via "normal" qualifying.
      But the question is: What will be the method of adding teams from the lower divisions to playoffs of higher divisions when necessary.

  2. In the information about the Nations League UEFA has given so far, it is stated:

    The four remaining UEFA EURO 2020 places will be allocated to the winners of play-off matches which will take place in March 2020:
    • 16 sides will take part in the play-offs and are grouped four by four. Each group vies for one qualification spot.
    • Each of the four Nations League leagues receives four play-off qualification positions to be allocated to each of the four group winners within that league.
    • If any winners are already qualified through the European Qualifiers, then their play-off position will be allocated to the next best-ranked team of the league in question, taking into account the global ranking within the league, and then if necessary to the following league in decreasing order taking into consideration the global ranking of the relevant league.
    • The four teams in each league will play two one-off semi-finals and one one-off 'final' to determine each of the four play-off winners.

    1. So if let's say there are only 3 teams from League A available for playoff then the best ranked team from League B goes to League A playoff and allocation of teams for League B playoff starts from the second-ranked team from League B? (of course I mean only the teams that are not qualified via EURO qualification).
      If so, then it will be funny rat race for obtaining worse rankings :)

    2. Not entirely. It also says that the four group winners in a league get the four play-off qualification positions in a league-play-off.
      So I think that in that case the first team not qualified already and not a league B group winner and globally best ranked in league B is 'promoted' to the league A play-off.

      But what if (in that same case) from the league B group winners f.i. 2 are qualified already and 2 are not. Will the best ranked non-qualified, non group winner of league B get a place in the league B play-off ? Or do they get a place in the league A play-off ?
      As I interpret this rather flimsy information, it is the latter: everyone from the globally best ranked list (sorted per league by points/GD/GF etc.), which is not qualified already and is not a group winner, is used to fill the empty spaces in play-offs of higher leagues first.
      I could be wrong of course....

    3. Sounds reasonable, but still unclear for some situations.
      Anyway we have to wait until explanations from UEFA are published and see how it works...

  3. what a rubbish format that is. what do they want to achieve with this?

    It means, that if you are lucky to be top seeded in league D, then you have a rough chance of 25% to reach the Euro 2020, as the winner will qualify.

    consequently, it all depends if you are lucky to be on the top of a pot. best placed in pot 3 has a better chance to advance then worst placed in pot 2.

    i do not get the logic of this, do you?

  4. Am I the only one who wants UEFA to gain another member just so that League C could have four groups of 4 instead of three groups of 4 and one of 3?

    Wouldn't know who I would want though, Monaco seems like an obvious pick, but I have no idea if Monaco even wants their national football team to join FIFA, especially since most of them don't offer any professional experience. (Now that I've mentioned this, anyone know if people from Monaco who happen to have football talent are allowed to play for other national teams?). I've heard that one reason they haven't joined is because of Monaco FC in the French League, but I imagine that if this were the only reason they haven't joined they could easily do something like how the Liechtenstein clubs play in the Swiss league.

    Teams that I do know want to join FIFA would be Greenland and Jersey, though I personally think that if Greenland joins it should join the CONACAF, and that Jersey shouldn't join cause, well, the other crown dependencies should be allowed to join too, which would not bring it to an even stop. Doubt either of these two would actually be allowed now that FIFA has changed their rules after Gibraltar.

    Anyways... back to my original question after the nonsense rambling, does anyone else want another UEFA member just so that all the groups in League C could have the same amount of teams?

    1. I want russia, turkey and 1 other UEFA team to join AFC so that all groups in League C have 3 teams and not 4, and that AFC is strengthened.