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Sunday, September 27, 2020

FIFA ranking: October 2020 probable ranking

The upcoming October FIFA window will see plenty of action. CONMEBOL will finally start with their qualifying campaign for the World Cup 2022 and will play their first two match days. UEFA continues with match days 3 and 4 in the group stage of the UEFA Nations League 2021. Because the window is extended with 1 day for UEFA teams there is room for a third matchday which will be filled with the single-leg semi-finals of the four EURO 2021 qualifying play-off paths. Of the other 39 UEFA teams only Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan will not play a friendly on that day.

African teams will start preparation for the resumption of their AFCON qualifiers in November with a host of friendlies and there are also a few friendlies scheduled between themselves for CONCACAF and AFC teams although their competitive matches are postponed to March next year.

Here is the probable October 2020 ranking, to be published on October 22nd.

This preview is calculated with elo-predicted results for all 109 currently scheduled and according ot my method included matches, out of a total of 131 currently scheduled matches. See the probable results for a list of which scheduled matches are included.

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  1. why would italy recieve 0 pts and netherlands 11 when italy beat moldova then drew against poland and netherlands, while netherlands lost to mexico then drew bosnia and italy ?

    1. Probably because this ranking preview is a 'probable' ranking and produced on September 27th, so based on predicted match results of scheduled matches. See here for the final preview of the October ranking, produced on October 15th and based on the actual match results.

    2. I see, I misinterpreted the article/table title... and you let your Dutch bias get a head of you (kidding ;P) Your final preview seems to have held true, I am impressed. I just discovered this blog and really enjoy it !

  2. Thank you and welcome.
    And I try to be unbiased in the predictions of match results but it is a fact that the Dutch are still very high placed in the elo ranking :)