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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

FIFA Ranking: October and November rankings postponed

Thanks Drooler for pointing it out.

The October ranking release has been moved from 7th to 16th, while the November ranking was moved from 11th to 20th. See the FIFA ranking schedule. The October ranking move is a bit unexpected for me, but the November ranking move was to be expected - I wrote about in February 2009.

FIFA Ranking: November 2009 ranking to be postponed?

This means the October qualifiers will also be included, although the October 14th matches are only two days before the release. But that's not a problem as FIFA did the same in November 2007, as you can see in the above link.

It seems a bit unprofessional to move the release dates. FIFA knew the match dates and everything when they set the 2009 ranking schedule.

The October ranking preview will be updated accordingly.

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  1. So will these qualifiers that are 2 days before count? or will some count and some not. Then there is the issue of friendlies on that day. Do they count, or not? I know that FIFA doesn't do an all or nothing.

  2. All the qualifiers will count. Not so sure about the friendlies.