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Friday, June 25, 2010

FIFA Ranking: New Zealand outside the top 50

Jerram Watts (3News) is almost certain the All Whites will find themselves in the top 50 in the next rankings. However, it won't happen. New Zealand will be 55th if Tunisia win their 2012 ACN qualifier against Ghana on July 1st or 54th if Botswana get at least 1 point against the Carthage Eagles.

See the probable ranking.

That's a climb of 22 or 23 places. Not bad.

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  1. They didnt played that well in the FIFA 2010.
    So they knocked out early from the Football Cup.

  2. YAY!!! I'm excited because I think my ranings are finally fixed! I ahve the same outcomes!

  3. Those projected rankings use the Elo method, which is different to FIFA's own ranking system - NZ could in fact be ranked in the top 50.

  4. New Zealand's total points are not affected by the projected results. So they will indeed have 557 points. We'll see in 12 days.