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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CONCACAF qualifying system news

Or Jamaica vs. Honduras...

Horace Burrell keeps talking about a final group of 12 teams.

In CONCACAF's case, instead of the final 12 teams being placed in three groups, there will only be a straight home-and-away play-off series, which means that each team would play 22 matches for the three automatic World Cup places.

On the other hand, or should I say in the other corner, Rafael Callejas, says CONCACAF will have two groups of four teams in the final round.

Mr. Callejas also says it's almost certain.

Sin embargo, en vez de una hexagonal final, como en la pasada eliminatoria, existirán dos cuadrangulares finales.

Also in that article, we're told CONCACAF are pushing for a fourth World Cup spot at the expense of CONMEBOL, who are totally against it.

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1 comment:

  1. Well, Out of Conmebol, 4 teams won their groups, the 5th was Chile, who finished 2nd to the World Cup champions, Spain.... That same group had Honduras, who couldn't score a single goal.

    Dream on, Concacaf.