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Monday, June 28, 2010

No change in the allocation of places for 2014?

Valcke said: "There is no discussion about slots for the future."

"We have 32 teams and will have a meeting of the organising committee of the 2014 World Cup when we will discuss the rules and regulations, but there is no discussion at all about the number of slots per confederation.

"Anyone who is saying that is wrong. We need to continue supporting African football. There isn't any discussion or reaction of that sort to say we won't have the same number of (African) teams next time around."

More in this SkySports article.

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  1. So is he saying that Arfrica will get 6 and South America will just keep the 5 with one being the host or will Africa stay at 5 and then they have 1 spot to give to whomever they want?

  2. I think CONMEBOL will get the host spot, but one can read it either way.

  3. Despite New Zealand's "performance", I think the OFC qualification series is a joke which has to be addressed ... 8 games, Vanutu, Fiji, New Caledonia and Bahrain (who played over 20 games almost) ... it's biased against developing nations from lesser convinient continents.

  4. Kevin, New Zealand are asking FIFA to allow them (well, the Oceania winner) to join the AFC final round.

    2014 FIFA World Cup: New Zealand looking to join AFC's final round

  5. After watching this world cup I would suggest the most fair allocation would be

    Europe - 16
    S.America - Brazil + 4
    N.America, Asia, Africa - 3.5 each
    Oceania - 0.5

    0.5 meaning final round of 4 teams from each confideration playing for last 2 places for WC