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Friday, February 11, 2011

2014 FIFA World Cup seeding update (11 February 2011)

Next update: 1 April 2011

See more info in the original 2014 FIFA World Cup seeding post.

Japan, Australia, Korea Republic replace Portugal, Egypt and Uruguay because of the 2011 AFC Asian Cup.

This is the top 20 of the intermediate October 2013 FIFA ranking:

1 Netherlands 233
2 Spain 228
3 Japan 209
4 Argentina 201
5 Australia 197
6 Germany 194
7 Korea Republic 189
8 Iran 181
9 Egypt 174
10 England 154
11 Portugal 148
12 Uruguay 147
13 Norway 142
14 Brazil 141
15 Greece 139
16 Croatia 132
16 Jordan 132
18 Montenegro 131
19 Slovenia 129
19 Jamaica 129

France are 28th, Italy 38th, USA 47th, Mexico 62nd.

Right now, the seeds for the 2014 World Cup would be: Brazil (hosts), Spain (holders), Netherlands, Japan, Argentina, Australia, Germany and Korea Republic.

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  1. Great work as usual. Edgar, do you have a rough sense of how much the US and Mexico would move up after the Gold Cup? (assume they both make the final)

    Do the Copa America games for Mexico still have the higher weight even though Conmebol isn't their federation?

  2. Yes, Copa America games will be considered continental final games even if Mexico are part of CONCACAF.

    Regarding the seeding, I'll run a simulation later today.

  3. What would we do without you Edgar?Probably spend hours searching all over the internet for information that you post all in one great site.Thanx again Edgar for all your insight.
    I do have one silly question,would you be able to post for your April 1st update,a top 32 of the intermediate October 2013 FIFA ranking?I would just like to see how close the race really is points wise( far off pace CHILE,France,Mexico,Paraguay etc.are).I am sure it will be a monumental battle for that last seed for Brasil2014.Do you think Mexico is gaining a slight advantage for that last seed by recieveing CONMEBOL weighting points during the CopaAmerica.I personally think(hope)one of the South American teams will grab the 8th seed,what do you think?
    Thanx once again Edgar,you rock


  4. @IndioMapuche

    Thanks for your nice words :)

    Yes, I will post an October 2013 FIFA Ranking update as usual after a round of matches.

    I'd like to see a CONMEBOL team getting the 8th seed since the tournaments takes places in South America.

    It's still too early though.