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Friday, February 18, 2011

2014 FIFA World Cup probable seeding info

A couple of weeks ago, I sort of promised to post seeding tables computed using probable results.

2014 FIFA World Cup probable seeding for CAF teams (18 February 2010)
2014 FIFA World Cup probable seeding for UEFA teams (18 February 2010)

I only did it for CAF and UEFA, because CONCACAF have postponed the Gold Cup groups announcement to March.

I also tweaked a bit the generation of probable results - to generate less draws (23.66% instead of 33% if anyone cares). Thanks Russian Lurkmore for the suggestion! He suggested using 10%, but in the last 8 years 23.66% of international matches were draws.

Hopefully I'll post updates every month.


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  1. Edgar,
    With the Gold Cup matchups now available, any chance of getting a Probable seeding for CONCACAF teams? :-)