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Friday, February 4, 2011

Cyprus Cup - non-A matches?

Sweden, Ukraine and Romania will take part in the Cyprus Cup along with the hosts. Romania will face Ukraine, while Cyprus will take on Sweden on February 8th. The winners will play each other in the final, while the losers will fight it out for the 3rd place - both games on February 9th.

However, there's a problem as these games might not be considered FIFA "A" matches and thus, won't be included in the FIFA ranking calculation. According to the Romanian Football Federation, each team will be allowed to make 7 substitutions during a match (1 keeper and 6 field players). In national A team matches up to a maximum of six substitutes may be used, according to FIFA's circular 1150 / 26 June 2008.

This would not be the first time a match involving Romania loses FIFA "A" status because of the number of substitution. Romania lost on home soil to Israel in March 2010, but this match is not on FIFA's list as both teams made more than 6 substitutions.

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