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Friday, April 29, 2011

CONCACAF format pending FIFA approval

On Tuesday, CONCACAF have published details regarding the format they will use for the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. Although the announcement was made 13 days after FIFA published the April 2011 ranking, CONCACAF chose the March 2011 ranking to seed the teams.

Panama would have replaced Cuba in the list of teams getting a bye to the second group stage.

The FIFA EXCO will analyze the format in its meeting to be held at the end of May.

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  1. Not only that, but if you check FIFA's site, the matchups for Round 1 have been selected. I say selected because I noticed that all the top seeds have the 2nd leg at home, and the matches according to the rankings are 26th vs 35th, 27th vs 34th, 28th vs 33rd, 29th vs 32nd and 30th vs 31st. That can't be a coincidence, surely. They must have arranged it that way.

    According to FIFA, the matches are set for the 3rd and 7th June, and the following games will be played:

    Anguilla-Dominican Republic
    US Virgin Islands-British Virgin Islands
    Aruba-St. Lucia
    Bahamas-Turks and Caicos Islands

    But the REAL news is the World got what it wanted! The World will stand still as the US Virgin Islands meet the British Virgin Islands in an epic clash, ha ha ha! I'm already trembling with eagerness at the prospect of this instant classic! :)

  2. Edgar,

    Interesting that they chose the March Rankings for the bottom 10 rather than use the April Rankings as you point out.

    Has it been confirmed that the July 30 draw for CONCACAF's remaining 30 teams will use March Rankings rather than July Rankings?

    (Still would like to see the Gold Cup results impact the byes and the pots...)

  3. @ Dorian

    So would I, Dorian. So would I. It makes no sense! Unless this is Jack hoping to see Cuba, who they bested last cycle, grouped with T+T in Round 3.

    But allowing the Gold Cup to impact the seedings would be great for the competition. Teams would fight hard to try and get in the top 6 or even the top 3, a team like Costa Rica or Jamaica could displace Honduras as a pot A team for the Semi Final Round, and Guatemala would be motivated to get into the top 12. The trophy would not be the only thing to fight for. A win over the US or Mexico in the group stage could be huge for seeding purposes if a team pulled it off.

  4. @Dorian

    Yes, I've received the confirmation by e-mail from CONCACAF.

  5. @ Edgar

    That's garbage. Total garbage. And it takes away a big piece of interest for me in the Gold Cup now I know there is no competition for WCQ seedings. Did they tell you why they are using the March ranking right through?

  6. At the time they've sent the proposal to FIFA that was the most recent FIFA ranking.

  7. why Belize cant built a big stadium. we need help to make a big stadium for Belize so that belize can compete in other football teem level

  8. Concacaf is not being honest as to why they are changing the format, it is based on the fact that Mexican fans are violently jealous over the US team being superior, when they play in Mexico, the Mexican fans are scared to death that USA will beat them, and there will be violence & deaths.

  9. I don't know... Still think they were certain they will get the extra 0.5 spot.