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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

FIFA Ranking: Brazil out of the top 10

Only two countries have to go way back to the first edition of the FIFA Ranking (August 1993) to see their worst ever ranking: Brazil (8th) and South Africa (109th).

From 4 July it will be easier for officials at CBF to find their worst ever ranking, as Brazil will drop to at least 11th.

See the preview and probable ranking.

At least 10 teams will be above Brazil in the July Ranking: Spain, Germany, Uruguay, England, Portugal, Argentina, Netherlands, Italy, Croatia and Denmark.

Brazil could fall as low as 14th - three teams could end up with more than 1012 points:

Greece will overtake Brazil if they don't lose against Germany in regular time.
France will overtake Brazil if they don't lose against Spain in regular time.
Czech Republic will overtake Brazil if they win their next two matches and don't lose the final in regular time.

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