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Friday, June 15, 2012

FIFA Ranking: July 2012 quick peek

The full update will be posted on Wednesday, at the end of the EURO 2012 group stage.

Uruguay's time as 2nd in the world will end, as Germany will have at least 1318 points, while La Celeste will only have 1297.

Brazil will fall to at least 7th (Denmark and Argentina will have more than 1012 points), but they could even drop lower than their worst ever ranking (8th in August 1993), as there are plenty of EURO teams capable of getting more than 1012 points: Croatia, England, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Greece, France, Czech Republic, Sweden and Ukraine. Obviously, not all 10 will achieve this, but based on probable results Brazil will fall to 11th.

Poland will climb at least 8 spots, Ghana will fall at least 8.

Haiti will improve their best ever ranking.

USA will return to their worst ever ranking. The USMNT could even drop to a new worst ever ranking if one of Algeria, Egypt, Poland and Ukraine performs well in their remaining matches.

Tahiti will climb at least 37 spots, Bolivia at least 26.

Vietnam will drop at least 19 places.

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  1. How far will Holland drop, if they fail the group stage?

    1. Depends how they fail. They could be eliminated even with a win against Portugal (1211 total points) or with a loss (1079). I have them in 5th place based on probable results (winning against Portugal, but going home).

  2. I think there'd be some irony if Bob Bradley's Egypt consigned the US to their worst ever ranking.

  3. Bob Bradley doing awesome work with Egypt. pretty sure that Egypt will do more +ve performance.

  4. Well that got shut down. And Egypt may well get shut down too and miss the African Cup of nations again. They lost the opening leg of their first qualifier, at home, 3-2 to the Central African Republic.

    Of course, the US could still get put down to their worst ever ranking, but Egypt won't be the team doing it.

    Bob Bradley has however had Egypt flying. I'm sure Egyptians wouldn't care about another failure to qualify for the ACON if he took them to the World Cup. Maybe Egypt could swap over and start failing to qualify for the ACON and succeeding in qualifying for the World Cup instead...

    1. well it was a disappointment lose .. but im sure we can still go to ACON 2013 .. scoring 2 goals away its not that big deal for Egypt .. we did it before with algeria and so .. it will be just bad if we did not qualify to ACON it does not make sense :X

    Thong Nhat stadium, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

  6. So the Dutch will have 1079 points in the rankings of July and will drop. Depending on the results of the upcoming games in Euro2012 I suspect they will drop somewhere between 7th and 10th place in the rankings.

    1. What the hell happened with them? They were sweeping everything before them from World Cup qualifiers to now and then suddenly I hear talk of egos and boom, they lose all 3 matches and can't hit the broad side of a barn when they had on paper one of the strongest attacking threats, maybe even arguably the best.

    2. I think the manager held on to the WC-tacticts too strongly, as where the other teams did move forward.
      The tactics with two controlling midfielders was a surspise in South Africa and that worked beutifully well. Now it wasn't a surprise anymore so the opponents could come up with an answer to that.
      Key players lost their momentum, and (in my opinion) were placed in wrong positions and in some cases even left out of the team.
      Add the enormous egos of the players, and you have a recipy for disaster.
      I'm not surprised this went horribly wrong.

      If you look at the average points over the past 12 months, Netherlands are 62nd, just behind countries like Iraq and Korea DPR, but just in front of China....

    3. What happened is that Kuyt lost his place in the Liverpool squad. And with it his form. And he's 2 years older.
      So you had a lopsided team, IN THE GROUP OF DEATH.

    4. 8th by my calculation.
      Argentina, Portugal, England and either France or Italy to go above them

    5. Can someone tell me why the Ukraine-Turkey match isn't counted in the july ranking?

    6. It will be included in the July ranking. It wasn't included in the June ranking since it was played on June 5, after the semiofficial deadline on June 3.

  7. When are we going to get an update on the SEEDING leaders so far for the 2014 WC?

  8. Using the FIFA rankings tool, here are some stats at the sharp end so far, cut off point is 1000pts:

    1st Spain - 1544
    2nd Germany - 1500
    3rd England - 1306
    4th Uruguay - 1297
    5th Portugal - 1146
    6th Italy - 1117
    7th Argentina - 1095
    8th Netherlands - 1079
    9th Croatia - 1050
    10th Greece - 1042
    11th Sweden - 1033
    12th Denmark - 1017
    13th Brazil - 1012

    My England are waaaaay out in front of the rest of our European rivals besides the undisputed best two, Spain and Germany. I love it. It could of course change, but even a loss to Italy on Sunday will see England in a strong position in the next edition of the FIFA World Rankings. Brazil will not be pleased. They may yet lose another position to the Czechs.

  9. There is an error in my last post, France should be where Sweden are, and Sweden should not be there.