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Friday, June 1, 2012

South Sudan are giving FIFA headaches

I suspect the people in charge of FIFA's website are trying to add South Sudan to the list of associations. The flags are in disorder.

Go to the the Fixtures and Results section, then press more.

See Uzbekistan's flag - truly home of the brave, land of the free :)
USA have Uruguay's flag - will FIFA give them La Celeste's ranking, too?
Uruguay have Ukraine flag - will they compete at EURO 2012?

If everything looks fine, it means FIFA have fixed it already.

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  1. On here ( you can also see.
    Vanuatu = Venezuela
    Tahiti = Tanzania
    Uruguay = USA
    Venezuela = British Virgin Islands (biggest ability leap)
    Solomon Islands = Somalia

    Very funny.
    But you know if South Sudan is becoming a FIFA member any soon, maybe trying to qualify for AFCON 2015 and FIFA 2018?

    1. South Sudan became a FIFA member in May and I think they will play in the 2015 AFCON qualifiers.

  2. I must really give you kudos for your website. It is top notch. A step ahead of FIFA all the time.

    I hope my country, Iceland start doing a bit better. We're dropping like a stone, but we're surrounded by much weaker nations. We lost 3-2 away to France and Sweden last week, that's not worse than Sao Tome and PrincĂ­pe would do I think.

  3. And Zimbabwe is just a white flag

  4. Everything looks OK now. South Sudan page is up at