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Friday, April 1, 2011

Bosnian-Herzegovinian FA suspended

Statements from FIFA and UEFA.

Depending on FIFA's approach regarding Bosnia-Herzegovina's win against Romania in the EURO 2012 qualifiers (March 26th) and their remaining games, I will post on April 8th an update for the 2014 FIFA World Cup seeding for UEFA teams.

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  1. I think they've been given some time to correct their stand. That's probably why the deadline was just after recent qualifiers. It's up to the Bosnians now to sort it out ahead of next round in June I believe?

  2. The country is forced to have three presidents (1 per each of its nations) in everything, from government to football. It's because of the Dayton Agreement that ended the war and which is the basis of the country, the only thing keeping it together.
    And UEFA somehow thinks they're above that...
    Pathetic. Flexing muscles on small countries. If some other, bigger country was in question no doubt they'd approach it differently, "for the greater good of football".

    It's like when Dinamo Zagreb had to pay €20,000 because its fans "provoked" PAOK by displaying a Macedonian flag (although in the first game in Greece the stadium was full of Serbian flags).

  3. @Anonymous
    U jelly?

  4. It's a shame that Dayton Agreement is preventing Bosnia from playing competitive international football.

    Dayton has to be changed to allow Bosnia to function. US and Europe imposed Dayton, so US and Europe have to allow Bosnia to play competitive international football.

  5. Dayton has to be changed just so Bosnia could play football? LOL