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Friday, July 29, 2011

2014 FIFA World Cup seeding: Official pots

FIFA have published the official pot allocations for the 2014 FIFA World Cup preliminary draw.

Pot allocations for the Brazil 2014 Preliminary Draw (PDF file).

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  1. Bummer that CONCACAF (as expected) kept with their decision to use March FIFA Rankings (instead of using July Rankings). Strange to see Cuba in Pot 2. Kind of expect a strange semi-final round (three groups of four) -- could wind up with some laughers and some slaughters... Will hope for balanced groups come Christmas time.

  2. Very strange to see Greece and Norway in pot 1.

    Norway did not even qualify for the last 3 World cups...Can you explain this?

  3. Norway acted like top seeds last night with that 3-0 win over the Czech Republic. Another impressive victory.

  4. Brazil's ineptitude is taking the fun out of the idea. Otherwise it would be fun to entertain the idea that since Norway are the only country with an undefeated and superior head to head record to Brazil tha Norway was being protected and fast tracked into the World Cup by UEFA to oppose Brazil as "our only hope" :)