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Friday, July 1, 2011

FIFA "A" match status: Double standard?

As you know, Mexico and Costa Rica will participate in the Copa America as guests. They won't be sending full strength squads however.

FMF's website uses the term "Selection Sub-22" for their team. Same thing for Costa Rica: they will send their "Seleccion Preolimpica" to the Copa America.

FIFA have recently removed Mexico's pre-Copa America friendlies from their list of results. However, the Copa America matches involving Mexico and Costa Rica are still on

When Côte d'Ivoire sent their CHAN team to the 2010 CECAFA Cup, their matches weren't included in the FIFA Ranking. Same for South Africa (Developmental XI) and Angola (U-20) in the 2008 and 2009 COSAFA Cup.

So I assume FIFA are including Mexico's and Costa Rica's games because Copa America is a continental championship, while the CECAFA and COSAFA cups are only regional tournaments of little international importance.

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  1. Edgar, look for the guest team arrangement between CONCACAF and CONMEBOL to end for Copa America 2015. With the Copa America and Gold Cup held in the same year (one month difference) it is difficult for most CONCACAF teams to send competitive squads. With CONCACAF requiring underage squads to this year's edition a possibility goes to a likely outcome. Plus, an Argentine voted for Qatar for 2022. Thus, the relationship between the two confederations is on ice. Mexico will have to force CONCACAF and sweet talk CONMEBOL to allow further participation. A contract happened between the two confederations to allow Mexico to participate between 1993 to 2005 with CONMEBOL sending a team to the CONCACAF Gold Cup between 1996 to 2005.Mexico wanted to play in the CONMEBOL event due to a 1993 Gold Cup campaign that involved plenty of Mexico blowouts.
    CONMEBOL benefitted by having a team that can compete and with advertising/sponsorship opportunities in Mexico and the Spanish speaking marketplace in the U.S. Increased revenue from sponsorship by companies within Mexico and the U.S. might keep Mexico in. Yet, an 11 team Copa America looks unlikely. Thus, either CONMEBOL goes with the pocketbook, or maybe annexes a national association or two, or even presses to have Mexico become a new CONMEBOL member.

  2. Replies
    1. Edgar, Brazil used a U-23 team in the 2003 CONCACAF Gold Cup. FIFA recognized Brazil's matches as senior international matches. All the players received senior international caps and goals.

      However, Thiago Motta (a member of that team who played) was somehow allow to play for Italy even though he represented Brazil at a senior international tournament. FIFA said it is they were using a U-23 team.

      FIFA contradicted themselves. Thiago Motta shouldn't be playing for Italy.

    2. Thanks - very interesting.

  3. Mexico and Costa Rica had both players above 23 years in the Copa America team . Randall Brenes for example is 27 years old. I think both teams fielded at least 3 overaged players. They cant use overage players in Olympic qualifiers only in Olympic final...