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Friday, July 29, 2011

Mozambique ponder what could have been

Well, they don't actually ponder, I do :)

FIFA's schedule states the deadline for matches to be included in the ranking calculation is on the Thursday prior to the release date.

They usually include matches played after the deadline, especially competitive matches. However, last month they've also included a friendly played on Saturday, 25 June: Kenya - Sudan 1 - 2.

Liberia defeated Gambia on Sunday, 24 July, but FIFA chose not to include it in the July ranking calculation. If this match would have been included, Gambia would have dropped from Pot 3 to Pot 5 (and forced to play in Round 1), while Mozambique would have taken their place.

See the official CAF pots.

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  1. Well, Mozambique should still win, and as the top seed in pot 5 will end up in pot 3 anyway.

  2. No, it's in the order of the draw. The winners of the first two pairings will end up in Pot 3. It could very well be Madagascar vs. Seychelles and Burundi vs. Mauritius in Pot 3.

  3. Yes pretty stupid. Even Sao Tome can be in Pot 3

  4. @ Edgar

    Oh, what a stupid thing to do. I wouldn't have an objection to a team taking down one of the top two seeds being elevated to Pot 3, but we could see anyone get into pot 3 with this. It should be done like the early Champions League/ Europa League qualifiers.

    Damn it, if only me or you were the ones who made the rules...

  5. It's especially harsh on Mozambique. They're nearly a full 100pts and 20 places ahead of Congo DR (closest African nation behind them) in the rankings. And within just 6pts of the next 4 African nations above them.

    I sincerely hope they come out in one of the 2 pot 3 positions.

    I notice Congo DR and Togo have the same number of points. I wonder if FIFA would have seperated them correctly had the top two been put into pot 3.

  6. This whole qualifying procedure defies logic. I'm guessing they had to cut out that 2nd group stage because of the changes with the ACON. But what they should have done is cut out the first one. These playoffs at the end greatly increase the chances of inferior teams representing Africa at the World Cup, especially if they decide to have those playoffs without seedings. And after the pathetic showing at the last World Cup, Africa ought to be on thin ice right now. If there's any justice in this World, another failure like that should see Africa stripped of at least one spot.

    Anyway, here's how I'd have done it.

    Byes to Round 3: 1st-9th (Ivory coast to Algeria)

    Bye to Round 2: 10th (Tunisia)

    Round 1 seeded: 11th-31st (Gabon to Togo)
    Unseeded: 32nd-52nd (Liberia and the rest)

    Round 2 seeded: 10th plus 10 highest ranked winners.
    unseeded: other 11 winners.

    I would consider offering seedings in Round 2 to any unseeds who might take down a top 10 (11th-20th) side in Round 1.

    Round 3, the usual 20 teams in 5 groups of 4 with winners to the World Cup. 9 automatic qualifiers plus 11 Round 2 winners.

  7. I agree with Lorric. No. 1 why is there an ACON in 2012 and 2013 that is ridiculous. No. 2 the last round in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers a knockout??? That can be so much luck.

  8. Most teams in Pot A (CAF) are beatable. There are only two or three strong teams in Pot A (CAF). Egypt, Cameroon, Algeria and Tunisia are in Pot A but it looks like they will not make it to Africa Cup of Nations 2012. I think Mozambique will make it to round 2 (WC 2014 Qualifiers). That's the team I would like Malawi to avoid in Round 2 groupings.

  9. I'm curious to know which of Angola or Gambia is actually higher on decimal points, to determine which team would go into pot 5 had Mauritania entered the qualifiers.

  10. Gambia's total is higher by 0.17664881.