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Monday, October 5, 2009

2010 WCQ: Probable results and seeded teams

H (home), A (away), W (win), D (draw), L (loss).

: Hungary (H - W), Malta (H - W)
Greece: Latvia (H - W), Luxembourg (H - W)
Czech Republic: Poland (H - W), Northern Ireland (H - W)
Russia: Germany (H - D), Azerbaijan (A - W)
Bosnia-Herzegovina: Estonia (A - W), Spain (H - L)
Croatia: Qatar (H - W), Kazakhstan (A - W)
France: Faroe Islands (H - W), Austria (H - W)
Republic of Ireland: Italy (H - D), Montenegro (H - W)

Team - FIFA points
Croatia             1037
France 1028
Russia 1024
Portugal 1023
Czech Republic 997
Greece 906
Republic of Ireland 776
Bosnia-Herzegovina 673

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  1. Thanks man!

    So my Bosnia goes into the playoffs for the first time. Sadly, it seems like we'll be overmatched by any of the 4 teams.

    I guess I can hope for Sweden, Ukraine and Slovenia to eliminate some of the tougher teams in their groups. In that case we can face an easier opponent in the shape of Greece, Sweden, or maybe Ireland, yeah?

    Great work!

  2. Thats a joke! Fifa have fixed this to favour the larger countries and thus increase profits. Ireland have bust their balls to get this far and are unbeaten in the group yet the draw favours those big teams that have played crap! im boycotting the world cup if we dont qualify!

  3. A week later, we know what happened: Czechs and Croats out, so Greece goes up to the group with seeded teams, but, justice prevails, they get the strongest unseeded team, the Ukraine. Bosnia in trouble against Portugal, but who knows, they are on a roll. Russia should prevail over Slovenia, but France has to play better than what they did in the qualifiers so far; Ireland is the only unbeaten team in the playoffs.