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Monday, October 19, 2009

FIFA Ranking: November 2009 probable results

Here are the probable results used for the November 2009 probable ranking. They are generated using the Elo Ratings.

1 - First team wins
X - Draw
2 - Second team wins

19/Oct Zimbabwe - Lesotho 1 (Friendly)
20/Oct Vietnam - Turkmenistan X (Friendly)
20/Oct Botswana - Swaziland X (Friendly)
20/Oct Seychelles - Comoros 1 (Friendly)
21/Oct Mauritius - Lesotho X (Friendly)
22/Oct Singapore - Turkmenistan 1 (Friendly)
22/Oct Swaziland - Comoros 1 (Friendly)
22/Oct Seychelles - Botswana 2 (Friendly)
24/Oct Vietnam - Singapore X (Friendly)
25/Oct Malawi - Mozambique X (Friendly)
25/Oct Namibia - Zambia X (Friendly)
26/Oct Kuwait - Syria X (Friendly)
28/Oct Kuwait - Kenya 1 (Friendly)
30/Oct Kuwait - Qatar X (Friendly)
06/Nov Bahrain - Rwanda 1 (Friendly)
07/Nov Iran - Indonesia 1 (Friendly)
07/Nov Jordan - China PR X (Friendly)
08/Nov Kuwait - Hong Kong 1 (Friendly)
10/Nov Iran - Iceland 1 (Friendly)
14/Nov Saudi Arabia - Belgium 1 (Friendly)
14/Nov Burkina Faso - Malawi 1 (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
14/Nov Côte dIvoire - Guinea 1 (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
14/Nov Egypt - Algeria 1 (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
14/Nov Ghana - Mali 1 (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
14/Nov Kenya - Nigeria 2 (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
14/Nov Morocco - Cameroon X (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
14/Nov Mozambique - Tunisia 2 (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
14/Nov South Africa - Japan 2 (Friendly)
14/Nov Sudan - Benin X (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
14/Nov Togo - Gabon X (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
14/Nov Costa Rica - Uruguay X (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
14/Nov Bulgaria - Bolivia 1 (Friendly)
14/Nov Denmark - Korea Republic 1 (Friendly)
14/Nov Estonia - Albania X (Friendly)
14/Nov Spain - Argentina 1 (Friendly)
14/Nov Switzerland - Norway 1 (Friendly)
14/Nov Wales - Scotland X (Friendly)
14/Nov New Zealand - Bahrain X New Zealand PSO (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
14/Nov FYR Macedonia - Canada X (Friendly)
14/Nov Italy - Netherlands X (Friendly)
14/Nov Luxembourg - Iceland 2 (Friendly)
14/Nov Iran - Jordan 1 (Continental Qualifier)
14/Nov Rwanda - Zambia X (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
14/Nov Uzbekistan - Malaysia 1 (Continental Qualifier)
14/Nov Lebanon - China PR 2 (Continental Qualifier)
14/Nov Kuwait - Indonesia 1 (Continental Qualifier)
14/Nov Vietnam - Syria 2 (Continental Qualifier)
14/Nov Singapore - Thailand X (Continental Qualifier)
14/Nov Oman - Australia X (Continental Qualifier)
14/Nov Brazil - England X (Friendly)
14/Nov Germany - Chile 1 (Friendly)
14/Nov Republic of Ireland - France X (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
14/Nov Portugal - Bosnia-Herzegovina 1 (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
14/Nov Greece - Ukraine X (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
14/Nov Russia - Slovenia 1 (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
17/Nov South Africa - Jamaica X (Friendly)
18/Nov Angola - Ghana X (Friendly)
18/Nov Nigeria - Argentina 2 (Friendly)
18/Nov Saudi Arabia - Romania X (Friendly)
18/Nov Iran - FYR Macedonia 1 (Friendly)
18/Nov Netherlands - Paraguay 1 (Friendly)
18/Nov Uruguay - Costa Rica 1 (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
18/Nov Austria - Spain 2 (Friendly)
18/Nov Belgium - Qatar 1 (Friendly)
18/Nov Denmark - USA X (Friendly)
18/Nov Syria - Vietnam 1 (Continental Qualifier)
18/Nov Malaysia - Uzbekistan 2 (Continental Qualifier)
18/Nov Thailand - Singapore 1 (Continental Qualifier)
18/Nov Hong Kong - Japan 2 (Continental Qualifier)
18/Nov Indonesia - Kuwait X (Continental Qualifier)
18/Nov Germany - Egypt 1 (Friendly)
18/Nov France - Republic of Ireland 1 (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
18/Nov Bosnia-Herzegovina - Portugal X (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
18/Nov Ukraine - Greece 1 (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
18/Nov Slovenia - Russia 2 (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)

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  1. Man, the matches between Greece and Ukraine are going to be exciting. Looking forward to these matches and of course to see Russians beat Slovenia :)
    Portugal and France are "safe", Blatter and FIFA would never accept that France miss a World Cup.

  2. I got a question for you, Edgar:

    Are this the final matches in November, or is there any possibilities that you add some more matches into this list? A lot of teams aren't playing any matches next month...

  3. These are the matches I found on on Oct 19th + the UEFA playoffs. Many teams are busy scheduling friendlies for November, so I think these are not the final matches.
    I will add some more matches in the next update - in November.

  4. Egypt and Algeria may face each other again on November 18 if Egypt beat Algeria by a 2-goal difference. This can't be included in the agenda yet as the two teams didn't play yet. But this can be added to November schedule if the abovementioned result occurs.

  5. I will post updates on Nov 13th, 16th and 20th. I will include new matches if that will be the case.

  6. Again cancelled the friendly match against Egypt on November 18. Germany will face Cote d'Ivoire instead of Egypt according to German media. Thus Egypt will not face Germany friendly. Add also the friendly game between Egypt and Jordan on November 7 in Cairo. Apparently Jordan cancelled their friendly game against China to play with Egypt.

  7. On which basis probable results are included? If this is according to FIFA ranking, then Greece should qualify to South Africa 2010 when playing against Ukraine.

  8. @Brahim

    I know about Cote d'Ivoire replacing Egypt vs. Germany. Thanks for the tip regarding Jordan.

    The probable results are generated using the Elo ratings.

  9. The friendly match between Serbia and Korea Republic is now official. It will be played on November 18th in London (Craven Cottage - Fulham). Just so you know for the next update :)

  10. Finally Egypt will face Tanzania in Cairo stadium on November 5th instead of Jordan which will play their initially-planned fixture againt China.

  11. Hi!
    Another friendly for Serbia is now official. Northern Ireland-Serbia on November 14th in Belfast.

  12. USA plays Slovakia 4 days before USA-Denmark match. this site isnt updated very often is it?

  13. Brandon Navarro-Editor For Concacaf.comOctober 28, 2009 at 5:12 AM

    1st of all id like to say good job with these updates and im always checking up on this site an id like to correct that Honduras have 2 official friendly matches on November. the 14th vs Latvia and the 18th vs Peru. thank you

  14. Thanks for the match updates everyone.

    I see no reason to update the probable results and ranking before November 13th, as I already announced in this post (FIFA Ranking: November 2009 probable ranking), since many teams are busy scheduling friendlies.

    On Nov 13, I will post an update based on fixtures available on

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